“Many things can change a woman, things that happen inside, things that happen outside, but the thing that matters most is what she thinks about herself.” — Patricia Mcgerr

There is a call, there is an echo from eternity and a command from divinity to salvage the world from wars and woes, prejudice and peril, and save the seed in the womb.

It is evident today that the society/government has failed in their attempt to rescue ‘the woman’ from decadence. Now, it is most obvious that the destiny of millions of women in Africa and the world lie in our hands. We must save the ‘woman’ from her woes.

Women empowerment has empowered nothing but ego competition. Let’s start virtue empowerment instead. Let’s stand on our toes and bind up the broken walls – promoting realities instead of sexuality. Let’s enthrone virtue and not sexuality that has reduced us to shams.

Can’t we see, that the value we seek comes not from ‘Women empowerment’ but from virtue? Without personal values (esteem) there is no virtue and without virtue, there is no public value. It starts from self-value (esteem).

God has given us the responsibility of replacing the perverse picture on the street, feeding the ‘desperate’, educating the ignorant, navigating a virtuous path for the lost, expression for the deprived/depressed and a heartstring for the heartbroken.

SHE is not another association; it is a FORCE that is about to change our world. It is God’s strategy to make us a generational influence and a disarming role model to our sick world. The target is to culture the ‘seed’ right from the womb by right placing the womb carrier – the woman.

SHE is God’s last attempt to redirect the future yet using the woman. If the future (seed) must be right then the future (seed/child) must be made right. We’ve got the mandate to frame the woman so we can frame our future. We’ve been told that every hurt on a woman is a dot on the future.

In SHE, we build dreams (Dream Centre) and develop hope (Hope Centre) through our school of reformation, school of esteem and our foundation.

Are you ready to change your world!!!

Join us, let’s take the giant stride that will matter the most together; let’s make an indelible impact to secure the future by making the today’s young women more aware and capable of shouldering the responsibility of creating the right birthplace for the child of the future; let’s stretch our capacity to save Africa from prostitution, diseases, divorce, poverty, child labour/abuse through sound morality and character development.