The project goal is to train and equipped at least 3000 women with digital and entrepreneurial skills by November 30, 2025, hence the project name, Project 3000.

  • Equip 300 young women monthly with the skills necessary to earn a living and become financially independent.
  • To provide a practical weekly reporting and coaching system to see the smooth implementation of skills taught until tangible results of business profits are realized.
  • To create a forum, the 3000 Women Forum, where young women will be encouraged to help each other succeed as they strategize to help the future generations.


Sept, 2023

Project 3000

Project 3000 >> Skills Empowerment Programme

Thursday, September 7th, 2023. | 8:30pm

Focused Skills schedule for training are;

  • Catering | Make-Up | HSC 1, 2 & 3
  • First Aid/CPR | Video Editing
  • Web Design | Graphic Design  | Fashion Design
  • Digital Marketing | Crane Operations
  • Ankara, Shoes & Bags | Computer Engineering
  • Defensive Driving 

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