On the floor of a fashion show, we all wondered in admiration as streams of sexy-looking faces floated by. My friends were dumb, for it was our first time in a fashion fare with such varieties of beauties at arm’s length. I was literary floating with those cute faces in the euphoria of confidence. Yes, I found it right then, it wasn’t their shape that got me; it wasn’t their smile for they seldom smile; it wasn’t their moves, there was something beyond the moves; it was certainly not their faces, most of them weren’t even pretty; it was their confidence.

I realize it was not the beauty in the dress but the confidence in the beauty. It wasn’t the moves that they made; it was the confidence in every turn. Many women can wear hundreds of dollars worth of jewels and would still look and feel hollow. Many women can go almost fully nude and wouldn’t still command the attention of one man. But just a little confidence can raise dust and spark flames in the hearts of men.

There was a time when the word charm used to mean magical powers and at another time it means the exuding power of morality. The Medieval period believes a man of the class is a man of charm. In Italy then they attributed charm to how you dress and where you came from (your aristocratic background). Today, the word charm is in between the two old meanings. Something stronger than magical power. Something with the ability to hypnotize a man, that’s a charm.

However, charm is a quality or feature exciting love or admiration; attractiveness. It is called the indefinable power of delight. Something with the ability to spark delight in another. Now, tell me can low esteem or self-defeat spark delight or excitement in another? Certainly not. You see, this is why you have struggled to be attractive without any consolation.

It is easy to be attractive, it is easy to be charming, just get the power of confidence. Confidence will also show on your skin. It has a way of announcing you before your arrival. The man beams a smile at you and it is your confidence that will reply not you. It is the first thing they see when they see you. It tells them if you are secure or vulnerable. When a man looks into your eyes he is looking for the charm, not whether your eyes are blue or wine-beaten.

The eyes are the gateway to your inner beauty. It is the inner beauty that is called confidence. If it is inside it will show in the eyes. That ceaseless light of confidence is the beam of attraction. They will be attracted because you make them feel delighted about everything. You can’t give what you don’t have. If you don’t feel delighted within, you can’t give it to another through your eyes.

Therefore, how do we find confidence? It is within, it is in the firm belief in self. Many don’t have confidence because of their past, others because of how they have placed their worth. No matter what it is that robbed you of your self-worth or confidence, it is basically about what others will think or what they thought and said some time ago. It doesn’t matter what they think or say, what matters is what you think or say about yourself. So work on your thoughts. Get a new perspective of yourself.

You must assure and reassure yourself of what you are and what you have got. Irrespective of what others may think, hold on to your confidence in yourself. Realize also that even others out there whom you think are out to judge you are no saints themselves. So who is judging who? You don’t have to sit back there and take all the trash from them. Get a picture of the better person that you are and stick to it.

Dwell in that confidence in the secret and in the open it will burst forth through your eyes, your words, and your moves. You must decide to seek to know yourself better. The more you know about yourself, the more your self-confidence grows. Live in purpose and let whatever you do have a reason not because someone wants you to do it. Get a niche for yourself and spice it with your own unique style. Feel yourself, talk confidence to yourself and watch your charm unleash its power of attraction.